Waste removal is a necessary part of society, yet often overlooked. Why is it that we overlook something as simple as trash? We gather our trash up putting it in black and white trash bag into the dumpster full of old banana peels, soda cans, and wrappers out on our front porch, a man comes and takes it away and we never see or speak of it again. The system of waste removal is actually much more complicated than that and has evolved from a long line of old systems that maybe were not as efficient as they are today. The system of trash removal has indeed come and long way but still also has a long way to go. The evolution of trash disposal by a picker truck will be described in more detail in this article so that maybe we all can appreciate the system a little more and maybe even say thank you to the man that comes and takes all the trash away.

First of all, it is important to realize how important waste removal by a picker truck is. Without someone coming and taking away our trash, a regular sized 3,000 square foot home would be filled with garbage before a whole year had gone by. Americans create roughly 251 million tons of garbage every year, which is a pretty scary thought. If all this garbage is not being disposed of correctly than we would have more trouble with diseases, plaques, illnesses, and having to live in a very dirty place. It is so necessary that we have an efficient system of removing trash.

The evolution of trash disposal comes from a long line of testing different ways to get rid of unwanted items. As diseases grew with the amount of trash being thrown around in the streets around the 19th century, cities knew that something had to be done. With the help of the Industrial Revolution the idea that there could be a Waste Management System came about and began to be developed. This waste management system began to ensure that cities had clean water and sewage systems. The people would have the system manage making sure that these goals were accomplished. For a while cities and citizens were satisfied with their clean water and sewage systems. Soon, people began to realize thought that their animals also produced large amounts of waste and they too needed to get rid of all of this waste in a more efficient way. This led to another organization “cart men” that picked up manure and other wastes that people needed to get rid of. These were some of the early means of removing trash and waste.

Now we live in a high populated time filled with lots of waste and garbage. In today’s time people collect and gather their trash and put them in bags to be taken away in the streets by a picker truck. A picker truck takes away trash from residential areas as well as construction and oilfields. It is important that as our world gets more populated that we continue to evolve our system of handling trash. What does this evolution have in mind for us? Is the future all about recycling? Reusing and recycling are very helpful options and definitely cut down on unwanted wastes. But is recycling going to save the world from waste? The answer is still not really known. While recycling is very encouraged by many cities it is only mandatory in a few. Recent studies have shown that while recycling is very helpful and good, prevention of trash is key to less waste.Sourceshttp://www.epa.gov/epawaste/nonhaz/municipal/index.htm

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